Archive : Londinium (Original Video) with Darius Keeler, Rosko John, Danny Griffiths and Roya Arab. The video is directed by Matt Cook, who also created the Londinium album cover. Island Records 1996.

Archive – Londinium (Live In Athens) At 25 September 2010

I love this song. I first heard it in a pretty dark and stressful period of my life and it just stuck with me. Then, in the summer of 2000 I made my first feature film by kidnapping around 20 friends and going to the south of Greece to shoot a road trip adventure movie, where no one had anything to do with movies, and especially me. The movie had some great moments but it was completely crap if you look at it objectively. However it is in my heart for being the first time I ambitiously tried to tell a story with moving images and my greatest school in filmmaking. Londinium was part of its soundtrack.

Today is early 2019 and I am in the process of making my 3rd proper feature film, a story between Athens, London and who knows where else, so I figured Londinium is definitely something to listen to while developing it.